Contacta Clipboard Hearing Loop

Contacta Clipboard Hearing Loop

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The innovative Contacta Clipboard InfoLoop™ extends the benefits of induction loop technology beyond the desk or counter. This hand-held unit may be used anywhere, inside or outside. The electro-magnetic field extends to a maximum of 1.2m.


Contacta Clipboard InfoLoop™ provides induction loop assistance for hearing aid users in combination with a clip for paper or pad and a firm, flat surface for ease of writing. The single clipboard unit incorporates microphone, amplifier, induction loop aerial and rechargeable battery system.

The Power Supply Unit connects to any convenient mains outlet to re-charge the Clipboard InfoLoop™


Clipboard InfoLoop™ is powered by a rechargeable battery that providesup to 7 hours use when fully charged.

An on/off switch and visual indicators denoting power on, signal strength and battery life are mounted on the front edge of the unit.

Full operating instructions are supplied with the unit.